I opened my doors on 04.02.2012. for the first time for a culinary trip with a family atmosphere, pleasant friends and with unknown strangers.
The Pop-up restaurant Angyalosy is an ideal place for those who want a special taste, but not in the usual, sometimes annoying restaurant environment. We guarantee a delicious multi-course menu with excellent drinks, an entertaining program and with a friendly staff who ensure that the guests leave us with an unforgettable culinary experience at the end of the evening.
I warmly welcome you to my website where you can get a taste of my Pop-up restaurant athmosphere.
My name’s Katalin Angyalosy. In the past 18 years I lived in Germany, where I gratuated in 2005 from Heidelberg University in German majoring in literature, arts and education. In the same year my son was born, who is still taking the most of my 'working time'.
My ’love’ for gastronomy is not new. I’ve been attracted to cooking since I was a little girl, when I fell in love  with the bustle in the kitchen, the smells, and the end result of the wonderful world of flavor combinations. The average household’s kitchen food is often monotonous and creativity-free. Many housewives have a desire  to create delicacies dishes, which are often only seen in photos. Me too.  In my free time, I’ve studied lots of books & magazines of gastronomy and and  through the years, I’ve learned the tricks of gourmet meals from Michelin Star chefs. Initially Icreated food only for my family and for friends, what they’ve only eaten before in restaurants. Later my husband's no longer invited his business partners to share meals atrestaurants, but to us, into our own house. These meals have been a great success, so I drew courage from it to host unknown persons in my pop-up restaurant in my house.
It is important to me that the dishes are made from original ingredients, prepared in the highest quality. I'll take care of your health, because I do not use any artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorings. Buying all fresh ingredients only a day before cooking, my special home made pastas are based on my own recipes. The creations of fusion cuisine is today’s freshest style, which mixes the tastes and the methods of the different national cuisines. The menu changes every week. The Hungarian specialties are based on traditional recipes with my own creativity added to prepare them on a special way. For the menus I’m serving wines from the best wine regions of Hungary, from excellent wineries.
I’m looking forward to hosting  you!
Katalin Angyalosy 

Location:  Budaörs
Telefon: +36-30/8642-774
My pop-up restaurant has limited seats (up to 12 people), and therefore, after the publication we can host only the first 12 applicants. The deadline for the application to the event can be found in my CALENDAR.

Smart casual
My pop-up restaurant doesn’t only cater to dinners. Based on your needs we can cater private events as well.
- Romantic dinner,
- Birthday party,
- Nameday party,
- Family Day,
- Wedding Lunch / Dinner,
- Team Building,
- Business Meeting,
- Business Dinner

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